K-pop Mentor Program (60 Days)

K-pop Mentor Program (60 Days)

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Unlock your k-pop opportunities today with Allysse, your K-pop mentor at A-Class (Online K-pop academy).

Frustrated that K-pop companies NEVER reply back or people aren't discovering you in k-pop? Access the system that has worked for me!

  • Build confidence in k-pop
  • Learn my SECRET hacks on learning k-pop
  • How and where to speak with K-pop label officials and pros in k-pop
  • Get k-pop strategies that work for you
  • K-pop audition audits and support to get you BETTER results
  • How to build and grow your K-pop YouTube Channel

....and much more!

Expect to work with me twice a month for 30 minutes throughout the program so I can be with you every step of the way!

Don't miss this chance to unlock your k-pop opportunities!