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About Allysse

Creator of A-Class Online K-pop Academy

Allysse is known as the 1st Black Latina to be signed to a k-pop company. She started  singing, songwriting, and producing in her teens. Her inspiration for songwriting and producing started from her older brother’s encouragement. By the age of 15, she wanted to be an entertainer. After graduating high school, she then went to college to learn the fundamentals of making music and production. Her love for K-pop started in 2006 and 4 years later, she’d sing her first Korean cover on YouTube which hit 10,000 views in 3 days. She never knew her first break in K-pop would have been in the ritzy area of Seoul, called Gangnam. Now she's on mission to help others whom want to get discovered in k-pop and unlock their k-pop opportunities.